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September 24,2019

A Radical Notion That Blurs the Lines

I'll be brief, because I'm running around at InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas (as are, I imagine, many of you. Come by and see us in Room 305 of the MGM Grand Conference Center, if you are.) But I do want to tee up an idea we've been discussing: What if we tried combining workers' comp with...

September 17,2019

What's at Stake for GM, California's Gig Workers

At first blush, there wouldn't seem to be much in common between the unionized workers at GM who just walked out on strike and the gig workers at companies like Uber and Lyft that would have to be classified as employees, not contractors, and provided benefits under legislation that California...

September 10,2019

Embracing Risk Management As a Driver of Value

We have been telling everyone who would listen for a long time that the future of the insurance industry will be dictated, not by the insurers, but by the clients. We have also been telling you that this reorientation will manifest itself first on the commercial side of things, if for no other...

September 04,2019

The New Age of Reputational Risk

Insurers have for decades nurtured brands that reflect stability and caring: Prudential's rock, the Travelers umbrella. More recently, insurers have spent billions of dollars developing hip brands: Geico's gecko, Allstate's Mayhem, Farmers' "we've seen a thing or two." But we're now in an age...

August 27,2019

See Innovation Obstacles Before You Run Into Them

After years of being on the sidelines, many insurance companies are on the path to innovating for growth, considering tech solutions to gain operating efficiencies, create important products and services and even develop new economic markets. 

August 20,2019

Workers Comp: Tip of the Spear on Innovation

Participating in a panel last week in Orlando at the WCI360 event brought into focus two ideas about innovation in insurance that aren't understood fully enough yet. One is that workers comp will lead the way, because innovation can happen in so many more ways than is true for other parts of the...

August 13,2019

Are We Serious About Health Insurance Fraud?

Having heard so many complaints over the years about insurance fraud and the need to combat it, I was stunned and horrified to read this piece by ProPublica on a health insurance fraud. The fraud was remarkably easy to set up and—the biggest surprise to me—insurers were in no hurry to stop it...

August 06,2019

Yet Another Cyber Breach

The news of another data breach, this time at Capital One, shows that, despite some progress, we still have so very far to go to head off hackers.

July 30,2019

Coaching to Win at Innovation

With August approaching, football training camps (American football) are opening, and I can't wait. I am reminded of a conversation I recently had with a sports agent about what makes some coaches consistently successful. 

July 23,2019

Finding the Right Pieces to Rebuild Insurance

The insurance industry has been "Amazoned," as customers increasingly demand the sort of easy interaction that the company provides. But the initial pressure is just a taste of what is to come, as the industry goes through the sort of "disaggregation" that Amazon has forced on the world of...

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