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The False Dichotomy That Holds Us Back

How Climate Change Distorts Risk Prediction

10 Tips That Your Innovation Program Is Failing

When Innovation Efforts Go Wrong

The Necessary Tension Between Old and New Tech

Get Ready for Some Magic

An Agent, Underwriter and Adjuster Walk Into a Bar...

An Answer for California's Power Shutdowns

Not Giving Up on Healthcare

A Report From the Front Lines of Innovation

A Radical Notion That Blurs the Lines

What's at Stake for GM, California's Gig Workers

Embracing Risk Management As a Driver of Value

The New Age of Reputational Risk

See Innovation Obstacles Before You Run Into Them

Workers Comp: Tip of the Spear on Innovation

Are We Serious About Health Insurance Fraud?

Yet Another Cyber Breach

Coaching to Win at Innovation

Finding the Right Pieces to Rebuild Insurance

Why Assumptions Are Dangerous

Pharmaceutical regulation ripe for reform

A Grand Challenge for the Insurance Industry

The Rise of the 'Las Vegas Business Model?'

Aim for More Than a Passing Grade on Innovation

Bracing for Hurricanes

What the Latest Everest Catastrophe Can Teach Us

Canada inspires optimism for insurance innovation

The Hurdles Facing Innovators

Where Were the Risk Managers for King's Landing?

How (Not) to Describe a Startup

Some Hope in the Face of the Wildfire Threat

Notre Dame: Where Were the Risk Managers?

Maybe the Innovation Glass is Half Full?

Blockchain: Why Haven't We Unlocked Its Potential?

Flood Insurance: Are the Storm Clouds Lifting?

Treading Water is Not a Strategy

Innovation Rating Shows Insurers the Way Forward

The Right Analogy to Guide Insurance Innovation

The Inherent Problem with AI

Watch Your (Our) Language!

Do You Really Need an Innovation Culture?

How Smart Is a 'Smart Home'?

A Video You Need to See

Catastrophe Insurers Have a 'Pinto Moment'

PG&E: We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

What PG&E Bankruptcy Means for the Rest of Us

A New Year's Resolution for Insurers

The 12 Most-Read Articles of 2018

Ten Signs You're Headed for Trouble in 2019

The Emerging Opportunity in Africa

What Do Insurers Think About Climate Change?

How Do We Stop the Disasters?

Fires and Innovation

State Farm and Lemonade: An Update

State Farm and Lemonade: The great debate

State Farm and Lemonade Throw Down

Sears, where America shops (no longer)

The Coming Wave of M&A

Bringing Dreams to Life

Which Companies Are Innovating Right?

A Silver Lining in Florence's Clouds?

The Future of Mobility Takes a Surprise Turn

When the Silicon Valley Model No Longer Works

2 Ways to Refocus the Goals of Innovation

Finding the right approach to innovation

Look out for the backlash(es)

Will Apple enter insurance? Google? Microsoft? Amazon?

Innovation thrives with constraints

Let's figure how to measure progress toward innovation

How incumbents must think about innovation

The long road to healthcare innovation

The right way to measure innovation

Health care innovation: As easy as ABC?

Are auto insurers leading the way in innovation?

The real MVP

The bible of the internet

Lightning or Just a Lightning Bug?

'Amazing Grace' and innovation

The most startling number

It's time to reinvent the claims process

Will insurance avoid its own Blockbuster moment?

You have to eat your own dog food

Looking deeper than the surface for innovation

Seizing the opportunity to take a broader view of risk tech

Drive to quality in autonomous vehicle market 

Battery life improvement can charge many innovations 

Innovation, standards and risk management 

Waiting for innovation that lowers health care costs 

Abillity to innovate critical to insurers' future

Build your own innovation network 

Recognizing exponential innovators

Improving chances of overcoming startup hurdles 

Big employers flex their health care muscles 

Picking Winners Among 2017 Innovators to Watch

2017 Innovators to Watch List

A shift to loss prevention 

The Insitutes and ITL in new strategic alliance 

The future is now for autonomous vehicles 

Top thought leadership from 2017 

Observations on insurance industry's innovation journey

Predicting innovation and transformation for insurance in 2018

Six Innovators to Watch November 2017

Getting the API right

Driverless cars are now arriving

Digital innovation to improve safety, lower costs

How to keep innovation from driving off course

Creative ideas needed for solving opioid epidemic

Who's on first? Keeping score on insurtechs

Six Innovators to Watch - September 2017

Let the show begin

Why don't more people buy insurance?

Disasters show insurers can change the world 

Hurricanes test insurance --  and insurance innovation

Six Innovators to Watch - August 2017

Should innovation be disruptive or incremental? Yes 

6 steps to get innovation efforts unstuck

Communication - past, present and future

Six Innovators to Watch - July 2017

Innovators to gather in Las Vegas

Greetings from London

Helping insurers to start innovating

Taking stock of market dynamics

Six Innovators to Watch - June 2017

Do we need robots in the kitchen?

Exoskeletons in the workplace and beyond

Key findings from State of the Internet report

Identifying insurance innovation winners

Six Startups to Watch - May 2017

Small innovations that make lasting change

Unlock value of insurance data from paper constraints

Finding innovation under the big top

Juice device misses a key ingredient

Six Startups to Watch - April 2017

Customer experience matters

Innovation takes root in unexpected places

Putting chatbots into context

Insurance has its Cambrian moment

Six Startups to Watch - March 2017

Taking note when risk management goes right

How Insurance Will Become Invisible

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Rise to the occasion

The force of clouds

The Four Stages of Innovation

Invisibillity as a design principle for insurance

Happy New Year

What Trump Means for Business

The Latest Charts on Internet Statistics

The Myth of the Protection Gap

Smart Homes Are Still Way Too Stupid

What I Learned at Google (Part 2)

The Hemingway Model of Disruption

Beginning of the End for Car Insurance?

The Problem With Telematics

How Google Thinks About Insurance

Insurance Needs a New Vocabulary

Keen Insights on Customer Experience

How Google Is Wrong About the Internet

Let's Tone Down Hope for 'Wearables'

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