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March 24,2020

Can We Thread the Needle on the Coronavirus?

I hope that you, your families, your friends and your colleagues are staying safe and aren't going crazy in isolation. I live in Northern California and (gah!) am in the over-60 demographic, so I've been sheltering in place for days. The good news is that, without sports on in the background,...

March 17,2020

What Comes After the Coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis presents us with a "natural experiment." I wish it didn't, but it does, and we ought to take advantage of the experimental possibility if we're to benefit at all from the weeks and months of danger and uncertainty that lie ahead of us. While the near-term focus clearly...

March 10,2020

The Aon-Willis-Coronavirus Merger

When I worked at the Wall Street Journal, in the pre-internet days, we'd often see companies try to bury bad news by issuing a press release after the markets had closed and the ticker had shut down, right before a weekend—better yet, a long weekend. How much play would we give a days-old story...

March 03,2020

Poker's Lessons on Coronavirus (and Innovation)

We're all swimming in a soup of information and speculation about the coronavirus, and I'd love to be able to say I have some startling insight that will clear everything right up. I don't, of course. But I do have two bits of historical perspective that might help to frame a part or two of the...

February 25,2020

Time to Put 'Leader' Back in 'Thought Leadership'

An old friend and colleague from the Wall Street Journal, George Anders, tweeted last week that "More than 1 million people list 'thought leader' on their LinkedIn profiles." In his mordant way, George added, "So many thoughts! So much leadership."

February 18,2020

A Novel Approach to Cybersecurity

The journey began with a possible purchase on eBay.

February 11,2020

A Dangerous New Form of Ransomware

One of the most daring bits of technological espionage occurred in the summer of 2009, when the Stuxnet virus—clearly designed by Israel and the U.S., though neither has ever 'fessed up—silently attacked centrifuges in Iran that were being used to enrich uranium for use in nuclear power plants...

February 04,2020

Is Blockchain Ready to Hit the Market?

Although I often remind people that ITL isn't a news site, I'm going to make an exception here, because I want to be sure you saw the news about ITL that opens up major opportunities both for the website and for this Six Things newsletter. 

January 28,2020

What Happens When an Industry Goes Digital

Now that innovation in insurance seems to have found a rhythm, many may feel that the pace is manageable and that digital disruption perhaps won't produce the sort of drama imagined a few years ago. So, now seems like a good time to trot out some thoughts from a talk I give occasionally on what...

January 21,2020

What Ski Racers Can Teach the Insurance Industry

The best athlete you've likely never heard of is Mikaela Shiffrin, who is close to breaking all the career records in international Alpine ski racing—and is just 24 years old. When Lindsey Vonn was considering one more heroic comeback from injury last season so she could build on her 82 wins on...

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